About Us


We are a creative driven CGI/3D Animation studio delivering excellent contents in the art of visual communication and storytelling.

We are professionals with a proven history of creating contents that help our clients connect to their audience. We are also known for our training programs which equip students with the fundamentals skills of being professional CGI/3D Animators.


To be one of the world’s leading Animation Studio, impacting people positively through visual storytelling.


Delivering creatively outstanding services with uncompromised attention to quality through research, collaboration, artisticness, technicality and resourcefulness.


Ayokanmi David
Team Lead/ Creative Director

Ayokanmi David is a result-driven and versatile creative who is passionate about visual communication and story-telling. Asides being a professional and enthusiastic 3d artist, he has spent many years in the fields of advertising, creative design and strategy working with major brands. David spends much time on self-development and value sustenance. As an achievement-driven individual he derives pleasure exceeding client’s expectations.

Stephen Olateju
COO/ Marketing Communication Strategist

Stephen Olateju is a Customer Experience Expert, a growth hacker and marketing communications strategist who has worked with many brands to deliver top-notch directions to improve sales and repeat purchase. He is a result driven and self-motivated individual who believes in getting the set goals achieved within stipulated time. Stephen is an enthusiast of photography and videography. He has worked with many media production outfits from pre- production to post-production stage at different times and on different projects. He is well known for his coordinating skills

Favour Efughi
Project Manager

Favour Efughi is a Creative Communications Expert, a project and brand manager who has worked with top brands to deliver and grow exquisite online experiences. With vast experience in people management, Favour enjoys meaningful conversations, problem finding and offering solutions. She is goal-driven and inspired by creating unique customer experiences. She loves to travel, sing and gets particularly excited about the arts. She is very well spoken and believes in expressing yourself through words, because they build relationships.


Our training programs equips you with the fundamental skills required to prepare you for the industry. We have professional teachers who are passionate about both teaching and your success, you are guaranteed a successful learning experience with us.